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PM Exchange Rates

USD / EUR  0.903   |
|   EUR / USD  1.063


USD >> 69209.96   |
|    EUR >> 63810.26

GOLD Bid Price /oz:

USD >> 2287.873   |
|    EUR >> 2108.733

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Trust Score and how is it calculated?

Trust Score is a personal rating of each member on the Perfect Money Credit Exchange, which characterizes business activity of its owner.

Calculation of the Trust Score is based on the following:

a. Productivity – the number of accounts involved in transactions;
b. Volume – the amount of funds transferred;
c. Lifetime – the age of the account (starting from the first transaction);
d. Reviews - complaints and positive feedback on the account;
e. Amount – the monthly minimum account balance

The minimum Trust Score value is 0. There is no limit for the maximum Trust Score. All new accounts have a Trust Score of 0.

If I select two Certified Exchange Service providers, do I have to pay a commission to both?

No, you don’t. You will be charged only by the provider who processes your application.

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Celebrate Christmas and New Year with new victories!

Dear Perfect Money clients,

It’s high time to announce the newest successes of the Perfect Money payment system and to summarize the results of the passing year.

To increase the quality of support service this month we have introduced a new service - VIP Assistance. Because we understand the importance of the questions asked by our clients and value the time spent on answering those questions by our support service, we have launched a phone customer support service to clarify all the questions in a real time mode. Also all the users of the VIP Assistance service get an opportunity to use a separate VIP support service for ticket processing and remain confident that every moment they value is also valued by our advisors.

Expanding the scope of the Perfect Money popularity worldwide, we are glad to announce the addition of new languages of the Perfect Money user interface. Now Perfect Money will be available for those who speak the Ukrainian, Thai, and the Romanian languages.

For all those who help us to make the Perfect Money payment system more popular by participating in PM for Business and affiliate programs we provided an opportunity to place the promomaterials (banners) in their native languages. Now if you want to put a banner of Perfect Money on your website, blog or forum, you just need to enter the page of the Affiliate Program and select the necessary language for the banners. Once selected, you will see a wide range of banners created in the language you need.

A few months ago we have started a program under the terms of which the 100,000th registered person will get a kilo of gold to his/her gold account in the Perfect Money system. So, it’s time to announce the user, a resident of Indonesia, who was not long in coming. For some ethic reasons we will not disclose the name of the winner. We can say though that the first three digits of his Member ID are 742, and the number of his cell phone ends with 4423. We are very glad, our dear winner, that after the registration your account was loaded with a large amount.

Perfect Money is not going to stop even for a single moment in its development. We plan not to decrease the development dynamics in 2010, but to speed it up in comparison to the 2009. We are very pleased to advise that in this ending year the number of the Prefect Money clients has increased threefold. We have increased a number of the support operators and strengthened the program and software protection of the system. Perfect Money still offers the lowest fees on the market and the most beneficial partnering terms for business projects and e-currency exchangers of the Internet. We are very thankful to everybody who trusted us this year, and we hope that in the coming 2010 we will surprise you even more. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, our dear clients!

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We’ve turned 14! » 05.10.21

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